International Children Crusade in Clearwater

Hands of Hope quilt in Clearwater With increasing reports of violence involving youth, the protection and care of children has become an important Clearwater and international concern.

In an effort to help stem the tide of senseless brutality against children, world renowned artist from Clearwater, Gracia Bennish, is engaged in an international campaign to encourage others to “Love and Help Children.”

Based on a quote from author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, Bennish intends to help government, civic and religious leaders to adopt programs to benefit and protect young people.

Bennish’s message has gained broad acceptance not only in Clearwater, but around the world. In 1999 she accepted an invitation from Sara Nazarbayeva, the First Lady of Kazakhstan, to visit and speak before an international convention of leading professional women. Among those in attendance were the Former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson and the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Lady Margaret Thatcher.


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